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Cold press Juice company Kendra Paulk
Genia's Jammin Juice
Kendra Graham Paulk
The History
Eugenia Bradley

Our Story, our journey, our mission

Genia’s Jammin Juice (GJJ) is a premier juice detox company providing raw, fresh and cold pressed juices that are JAM packed with essential vitamins and minerals. We take pride in creating all natural juices, with fresh organic produce, made to order and delivered right to your front door!


GJJ was birthed through my journey of self-discovery! I was fueled by the need to find a healthier way to live and to reverse my family's medical history and comorbidities that often plague the Black American community. I became frustrated with traditional Western medicine, and the Standard American Diet (SAD) wasn't cutting it! With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic it was very necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle and the answer came from a holistic approach to health and wellness.


We shared Genia's Jammin Juice with the world on my Grandmother, Eugenia's (aka "Genia") 80th birthday! The company was designed with her in mind; her health played a huge part in my journey to wellness.

GJJ is much more than juicing fruits and vegetables, we are striving to influence others to make HEALTHIER choices! We offer various ways aside from Western medicine to see health and adopt more of a holistic nutrition and herbal medicine lifestyle. So with that said, Welcome to Genia's Jammin juice. I'm glad you stopped by and cheers to Great Health!

Kendra Graham-Paulk

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Genia's Jammin Juice Certificate
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